Gorilla Lope Hitting His Bum On Mum’s Head And Playing With His Nipples

A compilation showing off some funny Moments of the Gorilla rascal Lope from moments from 2021. First up is Lope rolling backwards down the slope, then twirling the rest of the way down. In the next clip his lying in the grass on his back and beating his chest. When I move closer he starts drumming lightly on his chest again and then continues to play with his nipples. In the next clip, he walks upright to the door that is closed. He hides behind the flap and beats his chest. Next up is Lope inside, he’s got his backside turned towards his mum Ozala and is hitting his bum against her head. No idea what he’s trying to do. Ozala doesn’t move. If we could only read her mind. To finish off a speedy side roll after his aunt Asante. #SloggerVlogger #GorillaLope the one and only :-)
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