Gorilla Lope Being A Pain For His Mum

Happy Birthday to our lovable Gorilla rascal. Gorilla Lope is 9 today (3rd Jan 2022). Gorilla Lope from the Twycross Zoo is being a pain in the ..... again with Ozala. Every move his mother makes he follows her. Glancing at her. Ozala tests him, as she sprints back the other way to see if he still follows her and yes he does. So she climbs up to the platform, but a minute later when she climbed back down again, Lope is there again. When she’s by the cave, Lope comes running down the slope and beats his chest at her. His mother moves out of the way and then they both go back to the hut. Lope charges around the back, knocking on the hut. Then he hides behind the hut wall and Ozala takes a peak where he is. When she sees him, she moves back and shows how she feels by slamming into the wall with her side. Lope is still staring at the wall, probably through the gaps as he normally does to watch his mum. Ozala moves off when Lope decides to charge one more time. New at Zazzle, add your own names to imag
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