Engie’s Odd Exile

So there you go, after an another month of my life wasted, an another unexpectedly long video with some lazy editing along the way is done. Tells the story of a BLU engineer getting banished from his team for a really silly reason. So he tries all what he can to go back. I actually started this video before my summer vacation even starts, expecting it to be a random gmod short but turned out to be an another 10 min video.... Anyways, Music used: 0:00 - (Akira Yamaoka) Silent hill 2 (OST) - a World of Madness. 0:20 - B-K Nuts&Bolts (OST) - Nutty Acres. 1:56 - Mass Effect 2 (OST) - New Worlds (Galaxy Map Theme) [REVERSED]. 2:11 - B-K Nuts&Bolts (OST) - Grunty’s Final Challenge. 2:25 - Sonic & Knuckles (Music) - Doomsday Zone. 2:35 - (Hans Zimmer) Man of Steel (OST) - You die or i do. 2:51 - Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere Direct Audio (OST) - Somnus. 3:18 - B-K Nuts&Bolts (OST) - LOGBox 720 Jiggy Challenge. 3:36 - (Machinae Supremacy) Jets ’N Guns (OST) - Level complete. 4:23 - (Nick Arundel) Batman Arkham City (
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