Easy Sausage and Shrimp Jambalaya - A Delicious One-Pot Recipe

I have become a real fan of Southern food and one of my all time favourites is Jambalaya. There is nothing better than a big plate of this comfort food at any time of the year. I usually kick back with a beer and a side salad and enjoy my jambalaya. As with any dish, it can be made with different proteins, but the two I like the best are sausage and shrimp. You can use any size of shrimp but get the best quality you possibly can. In terms of the sausage, try and find the traditional angulate sausage but if not chorizo Will do. Of course, if you can’t find chorizo, use a good hot Italian sausage. I usually make my own creole sausage from scratch, but you can buy in the store as well. If you can’t find creole, Cajun works just fine. One other tip I didn’t say in the video, try and use the petite Italian diced tomatoes. You can use any type of diced tomatoes, but the Italian tomatoes just add that additional sensational flavour. Believe me guys, they are a must try. The great thing is, it can be made in
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