BLOODBOUND 2023 Trailer - FPS Vampire Multiplayer Game

Sink your teeth into this action first-person multiplayer game where you can play as a vampire slayer or a vampire. DOWNLOAD BLOODBOUND DEMO FOR FREE now on steam. (Limited time only) The demo will feature a tutorial that will help you get started, 10 characters to choose from, and two playable maps so you can play with friends! Bots will be coming soon. Bloodbound is a multiplayer first-person action shooter. Locations are varied and detailed, and each character comes with its own unique weapons and abilities. Pick a side, squad up, and master a rising roster of fearless characters in this fast-paced bloody FPS. ..and don’t forget to wishlist us! ✩ Links ✩ Website: We are very active on discord: Facebook: IndieDB: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: Youtube:
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