Interstellar Probe: Into the Cosmic Unknown

Traveling far beyond the Sun’s sphere of influence, an Interstellar Probe would be the boldest move in space exploration since humans landed on the moon. ✨ 🛰 A launch technologically possible in the 2030s would propel an Interstellar Probe farther and faster than any spacecraft before it, leading to new and inspiring exploration across heliophysics, astrophysics and planetary science – helping us understand our home in the galaxy and representing humanity’s first deliberate step into the sea of space between our Sun and other potentially habitable systems. The 4th Interstellar Probe Session at Fall AGU will this year hosted 27 exciting presentations from renowned experts around the world ranging from the ground breaking science that awaits to the pragmatic engineering solutions that will make this mission a reality. Highlights include the history of the Voyager Interstellar Mission by Voyager Project Manager Suzanne Dodd; the current understanding and remaining mysteries o
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