All-New Lexus RX 2023 - DETAILED LOOK at New RX350h & RX500h Model

The new 2023 Lexus RX is finally presented with and all details, colors, specs and techs were published. We collected all highlights of the new model with RX350 and RX500h versions in one video presentation. Lexus published the following in their press release: Today Lexus reveals the 5th generation RX, a completely reinvented model, opening a major new chapter for this iconic SUV. The new RX comes with a line-up of three different electrified variants in Europe. At the core of the brand’s offering in Western Europe, the RX 450h will welcome RX customers to Lexus’ benchmark plug-in technology. With the new RX 350h hybrid, Lexus introduces an efficient alternative to lower displacement diesel and petrol powertrains. And for those drivers looking for more exhilarating performance, Lexus introduces its first ever turbo hybrid, the RX 500h, which comes with DIRECT4 drive force control. For Eastern markets, alongside the RX 500h performance hybrid, Lexus also presents the RX 350 with a
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