Moon-Drenched (full album)

Moon-Drenched, featuring John Dwyer, Ryan Sawyer, Peter Kerlin, Tom Dolas, Brad Caulkins, Kyp Malone, Marcos Rodriguez, Ben Boye, Joce Soubiran, Laena Myers-Ionita, & Andres Renteria 1. Psychic Liberation 00:00 - 06:37 2. X-Cannibal’s Kiss 06:37 - 10:03 3. The War Clock 10:03 - 22:56 4. Der Todesfall 22:56 - 28:45 5. Get Thee To The Rookery 28:45 - 31:38 6. Spoofing 31:38 - 36:18 7. Terra Incognito 36:18 - 44:03 The same crew as the boundary-pulsing improvisation record Bent Arcana has made a trajectory shift and picked up Ben Boye along the path. The aptly named Moon Drenched is the second installment from these sessions & keeps a heavy-lidded late night perspective on things as it eases from the familiar liminal twilight of skittering hues of black-blue and snaking street groove to fizzing off into the ether in pursuit of lunar prism beams heretofore unseen. The more rhythmically dialed bits here have a lysergic halo of strangeness to them, and the wispy bits between are spun from an iridescent gossamer.
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