Carlena Britch Choreography - Casualty of Love by Jessie J

When we listen to songs about love, naturally we relate them to someone we admire dedicate their meaning to the one that holds our heart. And originally, that’s how I felt when I began to create this piece. I continued to use elements from those that inspire me, but didn’t feel the need to be overly detailed in the process of it like I normally am. I simply focused on how it felt to dance to this song. In saying that, I took my time releasing this piece until I was sure of what the deeper meaning behind it was. I imagine this song being sung to myself in the mirror, lyrics written on a letter opened by me, danced alone in a studio with no one else around. Which I did plenty of times before coming to this understanding. Listen carefully; lyrics like these are ones we first share with another. Not often enough though, do we share them with ourselves. Love is powerful. Don’t lose who you are in the midst of it all. Be love, love will find you. Thank you for watching :) I
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