“The song ’ZORAMI’ was written in a colony. People like us have sung it many times, quietly and secretly, with tears in their eyes..“ N. Irdorath. The song gave hope and self-belief in this cold ocean of injustice. Yes, we got out of there, but many are still there, and we should all not forget that. Many of you are aware of our history. After our release from prison, many different journalists sought to communicate with us about the past two years, but we felt that mere words could not express what we wanted to say. So, we chose ART as the most comprehensive form of expression. This work has everything to say about this dark story. It is both a conclusion of the dark and a beginning of a new, bright chapter! This is our first creative work after imprisonement, and its realization was made possible thanks to a huge number of creative people who came together to help us return to art. It is the result of the Art Residence organized by the community “DOM TWRCAU” (Warsaw), created by Belarusians for Belarusians in exile. We are eternally grateful to them for their support and dedication! And, of course, to all people who supported us all this time! The deed is done. Our next goal is to bring Irdorath back to the stage as soon as possible! Contributors to the production were: Song Composed by Nadia Irdorath Lyrics: Nadia Irdorath Artwork: Vova Irdorath Vocals: Nadia Irdorath, Vova Irdorath, Yuliya Marchanka, Volha Shnip, Siarzhuk Douhushau Bagpipes: Nadia Irdorath, Vova Irdorath Bass: Ales Myshkevich Guitar: Pavel Tryputs Drums: Pavel Mamonau, Anton Shnip Orchestra arrangement: Aliaksandra Shcharbakova Orchestra: Warsaw Freedom Orchestra Recorded at Everest Media Recording Studio Warshaw Mixing/Mastering: Pavel Sinila Creative and technical support: Anton Shnip Supported by “Dom Tvorcau“ (Warsaw) Lyrics translation (english): Julia Cimafiejeva Video General production: Irdorath feat. “Dom Tvorcau“ (Warsaw) Acts: Irdorath and Friends, Warsaw Freedom orchestra Main character/Dancer: Alexey Torgunakov DoP: Aleksandr Nevski & command Edit: Nadia Irdorath AD/Backstage: Karolina Sharfman Makeup: Tatsiana Chebykina Costumes: Vova Irdorath, Ekaterina Evdokimova-Endzheevskaya Place: Prześwit Lirycs: ЗОРАМІ 1.Попел скінутых Ідалаў неба зацягне, Знікнуць у цемры імёны Багоў. Прагне душа святла, ў палоне прагне, Брыдка ізноў. Нас пакаралі, бо мы спявалі, Нам спачувалі, але назіралі, але назіралі… Нас катавалі - мы вар’яцелі, Вы спачувалі, але ўсё глядзелі-глядзелі-глядзелі-глядзелі-глядзелі… Пр: КАМУ СТРАЛОЙ ЛЯЦЕЦЬ, КАМУ ХАВАЦЦА НОРАМІ, А МЫ СТАНЕМ ЗОРАМІ, МЫ СТАНЕМ ЗОРАМІ, І НАД ЧУЖЫМІ, І НАД РОДНЫМІ ПРАСТОРАМІ МЫ СТАНЕМ ЗОРАМІ. 2. Ў цемры наогул злачынства хаваецца лёгка, Не заўважаць яго нават лягчэй. Ў цемры няма вінаватых - якая палёгка! Стогны бязвінных нібыта цішэй… Вольна спявалі і нас пакаралі, Нам спачувалі, але назіралі, але назіралі Як нас ламалі, як мы сівелі, Вы разумелі, але ўсё глядзелі-глядзелі-глядзелі-глядзелі-глядзелі… Пр. 3. Попел скінутых ідалаў ветрам развее, Зорнымі хвалямі змыецца змрок. Той, хто не разумеў - той не зразумее, А мы здалёк Будзем свяціць тым, хто ня спіць, І нашаму кату, і былому брату павінна хапіць. Ім лютаваць, з труны сваёй выць, Нам спачуваць і свяціць і свяціць і свяціць і свяціць і свяціць і свяціць… Пр. ZORAMI (Starlights) The ashes of downcast Idols will shroud the sky, Darkness will devour the names of the Gods. The soul is striving for light from its captivity, It’s disgusting again. We were punished for we were singing, We were sympathized, but just watched and watched, We were tortured, we went mad, You sympathized, but you just looked and looked and looked and looked and looked… Ref. ONE FLIES ARROW-LIKE, ANOTHER HIDES IN THE BURROWS, WE’LL BE THE STARLIGHTS, WE’LL BE THE STARLIGHTS, OVER THE FOREIGN AND NATIVE WIDE OPEN SPACES WE’LL BE THE STARLIGHTS. In the darkness, it’s so easy to hide a crime, It is easier even to ignore it, In the darkness, there is no one to blame -- what a relief, The moans of the tortured seem not so loud... We were punished for we were singing, We were sympathized, but just watched, just watched, We were broken, we turned gray, You all understood, but you just looked and looked and looked and looked and looked… Ref. The ashes of downcast idols will be blown by the wind, The starry waves will wash clear the dark. The one who hasn’t understood, will not understand, But from the heights, We shall shine to those who’re awake, To our tormentor, to our once friend, it should suffice, They are to be enraged and howl from their own graves, We’re to sympathize and to shine and shine and shine and shine and shine… Ref. Support Irdorath: Patreon: Crowdfunding: Soli-Sampler: Merch: #Irdorath #freeIrdorath
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