MemoCrasher - Burn (Official Video) - Rock Metal Band 2020 #rockband

The official music video “Burn“ from debut MemoCrasher’s double album “Humanity&Revenant“ ’Burn’ tells how hard it is to resist things we really want, even we know we shouldn’t have them. In the end you’ll always fall for this desire one way or another. ’Burn’ is about sensation that overcomes you with such an unrelenting force that you know you are powerless to resist it. It’s just like the song: fast, aggressive, unrelenting. Is there really a big difference between those villains scorched by their lust and our own desires? “Humanity&Revenant“: Be in touch with the band: Contact: memocrasher@ Band: Dave Andrew - vocals, guitar Hubert Malicki - guitar Jarno - bass guitar Maciej Lenartowicz - drums ’Burn’ single: Polish rockers MemoCrasher is back! Str
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