Paris Fireworks 2023 - Bastille Day fireworks 2023 - Eiffel Tower Paris France celebrations - 4K

Paris fireworks 2023 illuminated the sky with magnificent Eiffel Tower as France celebrated Bastille Day on Friday, following a spectacular grand parade for the national holiday. Watch & enjoy the full video. Share with your friends and family. #france #paris #fireworks Watch the best moments of the Bastille Day 2023 Fireworks List of songs played along times: 00:02 Wakanda-Ludwig Göransson 01:52 Maldon Zouk Machine 03:10 Maladie D’amour Henri Salvador 04:58 . A Mwana Black Blood 06:38 Apepe (feat. Huimana) Teiva LC 09:05 Mona Ki Ngi Xica (Extended) Synapson & Bonga
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