[Klayton Presents] Becko - “Dead-End“ (Official Music Video)

“I’ve been excited by the surge of interest in trap-metal but to me the greatest missing element was ‘metal’. I was in the process of assembling a project combining blown-out trap beats, heavy guitar riffs, screaming, melody and cool electronics, because I fully believe this is the sound of the future. Then from out of the blue (Italy, actually) comes an email from Becko submitting his music to the FiXT label. I quickly sidelined the project I was assembling, because what he was already doing on his own, was exactly what I was hearing in my head. I couldn’t be more excited to have him as part of the FiXT family, and we’re primed and ready to get his music into ears around the world.“ - Klayton Italian artist/producer Becko joins the electronic-rock roster of FiXT and enters the world of trap-metal with his 5-song EP, Genesis, blending elements of hip-hop, metal, EDM, and alternative rock. Building a violent momentum of melodic screaming and rap vocals, dark gritty guitars, and heavy trap beats, Becko sweeps
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