Welcome back to Stellenbosch South Africa everyone for Darkfest 2022! We arrived and had to join in a quick dirt jump session at potato trails before we got out to the Darkfest farm to start building. We take a walk around the worlds biggest jumps and inspect the damage from a winter of rain and see what needs to be done over the next few weeks before the event starts! Who on this years riders list are you excited to see? Sam Reynolds Clemens Kaudela Sam Hodgson Kade Edwards Kaos Seagrave Ike Klaassen Theo Erlangsen Bienvenido Aguado Nicholi Rogatkin Szymon Godziek Brendan Fairclough Daniel Ruso Elias Ruso Tom Isted Adolf Silva Vincent Tupin Ethan Nell Matt McDuff Graham Agassiz Daryl Brown Vero Sandler Casey Brown Hannah Bergman Chelsea Kendall Robin Goomes Re-upload after audio problems yesterday!
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