tyFlow Advanced Destruction VFX Tutorial by #RedefineFX

🚀Learn tyFlow from the Ground Up with tyFlow Basecamp, a New 3D Simulation Beginner Course by RedefineFX: Explore ALL RedefineFX courses: Level up your skills FAST with the same to-the-point teaching style you’re used to from my tutorials: tyFlow Advanced Course: tyFlow Beginner Course: Phoenix Beginner Liquid FX Course: Phoenix Large Scale Water: Phoenix Fire FX Course: Product Animation & Freelancing Masterclass: This tyFlow for 3Ds Max VFX tutorial covers several destruction techniques. We start by setting up a car driving through a wall and destroying it using the voronoi fracturing, physx shape, binding the fragments together using the PhysX Bind operator and then breaking those binds based on conditions, using the property test operator to set up various conditions, such as only further breaking fragments that are moving above a certain speed or are larger than a certain size. We also use a surface test to further break fragments that come in contact with the ground, and only activate the wall to break when the car is within a certain distance. tyFlow is amazingly fast and calculating these rigid body simulations and you can pretty much see everything happen in real time, even as you change the settings, with tens of thousands of fragments. Thank you for subscribing: Instagram: Facebook: Website: RedefineFX provides cutting-edge visual effects training & courses that take our students on a journey of sharpening their skills, building confidence in creating their own complete VFX shots, and taking a shortcut to a profitable career in the VFX industry. Founded & based in Los Angeles, California. Learn more: For more tyflow, 3Ds Max & Phoenix FD visual effects tutorials. take a look at my channel: #tyflow #tyflowtutorial #3dsmaxtutorial #vfxtutorial #phoenixfd #vray #vfx #cgi #redefinefx #3dsmax #vfxartist #visualeffects #computergraphics #3danimation #3dartist #losangeles #rendering #tutorial
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