Tutorial: Generation of a high-quality mesh for CFD simulations of wind turbines (STAR-CCM+)

This video presents a step-by-step tutorial to set up a CFD simulation of a wind turbine using STAR-CCM . Here, we are gonna learn how to set up a URANS-based CFD model for the evaluation of aerodynamic behavior of wind turbines. In particular, a systematic methodology is presented for the generation of a CFD grid with a proper resolution, which provides a reasonable compromise between computational cost and accuracy. Link to geometry: The simulation set up is performed in the following steps: 00:03:13 Definition of the Computational Domain 00:16:15 Definition of the Regions 00:17:20 Mesh Generation 00:45:38 Checking the Mesh Quality 00:49:21 Definition of Physics, Boundary Conditions and Solver Settings 01:00:58 Definition of Monitors and Stopping Criteria 01:10:31 Post-Processing
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