This PTB was kinda crazy... | Dead by Daylight

TIMESTAMPS: 0:00:00 New fastest gate speed 0:00:16 New DS against Nurse 0:00:28 New speed bonuses stacked 0:01:18 New WGLF For the People 0:01:37 Turning mid-Dead Hard 0:01:46 Golden portraits (legacy P3 reward) 0:01:53 Buffed Lightweight in indoor map 0:02:07 Buffed Botany Circle of Healing 0:02:47 Nerfed Iron Will vs Spirit 0:04:16 Gift of Pain Thana slowdown 0:04:54 Lethal Pursuer secondary effect 0:07:53 Nerfed Self-care vs. buffed Coulrophobia Watch live: Join our community:
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