Watercolor Painting-Pink Peonies-Advanced Tutorial Step by Step.

In this video, we will learn how to paint pink peonies in watercolor step by step. The California Peony is in season from December to May. In classic California fashion, this beautiful spring bloom Peony is one of a kind which we love , of course!. Peonies have been used at gracing wedding aisles or bouquet. The Peony as we know it forms part of far more complicated of petals. So, it is very good object to be used as practicing floral painting. COLOR:Brilliant Pink, Ryrrole Rubin, Sap Green, Ultramarine Deep from Holbein. PAPER:Arches Cold Pressed. BRUSH:1)Hwahong 1, 30mm 2)Escoda 16, versátil 3)Davinci 8 & 5 cosmotop Mix B. Please watch my peony pencil drawing video: Recommending Related my Peony Video: Thank you and enjoy the video. Please don’t gorget to subscribe and leave a good comment on my channel. It will be great support to making next video. Instagram - @Paintinghyun Website -
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