Unreal Overflows - Is There Anybody Outside? [Spain] [HD] (+Lyrics)

Technical/Melodic death metal song. From album “Architecture of Incomprehension“ (2006) LYRICS: I am locked in alone between your walls. door closed, window closed, light’s off I am locked in alone like a disowned. who is gonna take me out of here? This case is a torture for my senses. i am locked in alone with my hopes Will i emerge of here some day? Insomnia, tiredness, this is my world where every day Is a fight to survive to myself It is a nightmare, is the same every day Time is finished. illusion is getting lost Patience is consuming quickly Dreams are disappearing Hardly time for one more tear When will this bad dream finish? I am tired of being here inside Who is gonna take me out? Nobody will come. nobody knows i am here inside Time runs so slow. the dreams finished The time to disappear is here Perhaps i do no want to be saved Perhaps i like to be locked in because here i am powerful I am lock
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