Australian Cricketer Usman Khawaja’s bride Rachel McLellan on embracing Islam ! How I converted to I

how do people react when you tell them you’ve converted to Islam yeah a probably a bit shocked are the people who are close to me not shocked but I’m curious I think that I get a lot of questions and a lot of people will ask the questions as you know so do you have to wear hijab and do you have to do this and do you have to do that will you wear the hijab, not at the moment I can’t tell you what I’m gonna want to do in 10 20 years so for the moment, I won’t but yeah I feel like as I get older I’m only 22 so I feel like as I get older I will get more religious and um you know things start to change as you get older and so I I do feel like maybe one day I might get to that point but it’s not it will come from me like it’ll be my decision and he’s fully you know that’s he doesn’t really mind either one didn’t wear hijab growing up and obviously you need to cover your hair and when you’re praying that’s this different thing and I think she looks quite
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