[Eng Sub] Greetings from After a Week of Rain [Suzumu’s 1st Album, CV: Ogata Megumi]

Day -7: Curiosity is the gasoline which drives humans. “You, for rejecting that fact,are ’fakely ill’, so to speak. Yes, how about we call you a ’Fakely Ill Human’?“ Side note: Ripica (sp?) is the recordkeeper of the Akashic Records, according to Japanese Wikipedia. I can’t even find a mention of whoever this person is in English. Seems like Japan has a lot more info on (and is a lot more interested in) this sort of stuff? The original video had an extra two minutes to it, but it mostly talked about Suzumu’s upcoming events, which 99% of the people here can’t go to. D: Consider this omission saving us both from some pain?
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