[Floral Zither Cover] The Gypsy Bard (Friendship is Witchcraft)

[genshin impact floral zither cover & notes] Griffin Lewis - The Gypsy Bard | My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft | episode 7 “Cherry Bomb“ (D# Major) ATTENTION! Notes and buttons there are in attachments! [LINKS] Please subscribe my channel: Playlist | Lyre Covers: Playlist | Zither Covers: Official hoYoverse Genshin Impact Accounts: DISCORD : REDDIT : TWITTER : YOUTUBE : FACEBOOK : WEBSITE : for scripts: genshin impact, zither, genshin, windsong, canciones, songs, citra, cover, arpa, song, la citra, notes, el, en, tutorial, lyra,
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