Sanhedrin - Correction (OFFICIAL)

Buy here: Called “One of the best bands in American heavy metal” by Decibel magazine, New York’s SANHEDRIN are premiering “Correction,” the first single from their upcoming Metal Blade Records album, Lights On, set for worldwide release on March 4th. Follow Sanhedrin: The Brooklyn power trio do metal the old school way, channeling the greats that preceded them to create something that is instantly familiar yet with a new, modern energy to it. On this particular track, vocalist/bassist Erica Stoltz explains, “The pandemic put the unbridled excess of humanity on hold. The reference was a play on the term ‘correction’ as used in economics. The comparison is between the slow roll of global death by virus and other man-made instantaneous destructors like atomic bombs.” Rounded out by Jeremy Sosville on guitars and drummer Nathan Honor, the band state, “In a
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