ENGLISH “Hana no Uta“ Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel (Akane Sasu Sora)

“The fallen cherry blossom...“ (Heaven’s Feel spoilers ahead. It’s a 16 year old story but apparently you’re all Jared, 19 and never learned how to read VNs.) It really fills me with wonder that FSN was able to tell three different stories where I can’t pick a favorite. Fate/Saber is very narration heavy and really connects you to the characters, UBW is full of cool fights and idealism, and Heaven’s Feel is where that all comes to a head. It’s amazing that each is their own separate story, but still build off each other, play off each other. Scenes with Illya in UBW hurt more because we know the Illya of Fate/Saber. Fighting Saber in Heaven’s Feel hits harder because all we’ve ever done is fight alongside her. But Heaven’s Feel has the unique privilege of being the last in the series, and gets to illuminate past routes and the characters in them. By the end, you don’t look at Sakura, Illya, or Kirei the same. Or maybe you do. I dunno’. But that’s how it went for me. I haven’t gotten the chance to watch Lost Butterfly yet. I hear they mess up some Illya stuff. Damn shame. Shirou’s bond with her is definitely one of my favorite parts of the route. It feels weirdly more personal than their connection in Fate/Saber. I guess that’s the price of an adaptation. Regardless, I hope people give the VN a read. ...I really hope we get Sparks Liner High. Sakura is... really cool. I like her a lot. Just like my favorite route changes day to day, so does my favorite heroine. Sakura’s... an acquired taste, I think, but I do like her a lot. She’s a good character. Hollow Ataraxia is peak Sakura though. No doubt. You know how I said last time that it’s weird we memed the worms? Memeing the Shadow is... also interesting. Seriously, seeing that portrait still freaks me the fuck out. But it’s still nice to acknowledge, nonetheless. I guess that’s how we cope. I have a lot of Heaven’s Feel thoughts. The Shadow. Dark Sakura. Losing Saber. Teaming up with Rider. The Gem Sword. Archer’s Arm. Nine Lives Blade Works. Sparks Liner High. Mapo Tofu. Hassan tearing Assassin to shreds. Kirei obliterating Hassan and Zouken. Kirei beating the shit out of Shirou until he dies standing up. So many little things too. Archer reluctantly letting go of his wish to save the world one last time. The way the music, voices, and scenes start and stop as Shirou’s perception of time continues to skew. Giving you the choice to ’Bring Illya Back’, when it’s the only option Shirou will choose. Illya returning Shirou to life with the same type of magic Zouken used to stay immortal? Only Shirou’s soul and container are pure and his, so unlike Zouken he will never decay? The Gem Sword’s access to infinite parallel worlds leading to the convergence of timelines in Hollow Ataraxia? A future where everyone can live happily, even when the loop ends? Yeah. Heaven’s Feel is fuckin’ awesome. ...I know I’m fangirling a lot but why do you think Fate Month exists lmao A character that suffers, finally getting their happy ending. I think that’s true of every Fate story, but it’s really felt here. I love Fate. I keep saying it, but I really do. - x - x - x - Vocals: Akane Sasu Sora (...) Lyrics: Akane Sasu Sora (...Want some?) Mixing: Mochi () Tuning: BriCie () Artwork: clxrez () Animation: Yukari () Her Voice: BriCie () His Voice: Akane Sasu Sora (Hell no!) This video was funded by Patreon! () Want a Download? Donate $1 to my Ko-Fi with an attached email, and you’ll get one! Or, become a $3 Patron on Patreon for unlimited access to the mp3 archive! () - x - x - x - LYRICS: Like a dream so enticing and fleeting, our nostalgia and fond memories bring smiles so imperfect that don’t reach the surface... Like a petal that’s fallen and drifted, I let go of my pain for a bit and rest upon your shoulder, smiling there until I fall somewhere... When I think of days that will never return, I’m filled with fondness and fear of the future... Within this lonely heart of mine, I hid this broken life... So with every season and year left forgotten, I let myself slowly sink to the bottom of the sea of time... Fallen petals, cold and dead will all scatter into the night! In every direction, my affection spreads like a blanket of white! All I ever wanted to do was find something to protect you from, like the sorrow that keeps piling up inside us... Anyone who hurts you or your virtue, I can’t forgive or forget! Anyone who tries to tell you lies, well, you’ll never see them again! I just wish we could go back and see them— who we were then Maybe we’d see every moment of atonement for the broken, the fallen cherry blossom... - x - x - x - He approaches, swords his very being. “Let’s go home, Sakura.“ He projects the final blade. “Yes,“ she smiles a smile truer than he’s seen, “Take me back, Senpai.“
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