FULL VINYL | 90’s Hiphop Set | 2SHAN

【Full Vinyl】 A one-shot MIX consisting of only records. Visualize the atmosphere of Analog DJs. 【Full set on mixcloud】 【Raw file [24bit 48khz] on Patreon】 【Spotify [for 90’s Full Vinyl - Frequent Updates Playlist] 】 My Men DJ 2SHAN is a hard digger of 90’s Hiphop. He used to live in my neighborhood. 【Follow 2SHAN】 Instagram : Soundcloud : Bandcamp : More info : 【Location : Advantage】 三重県四日市 [Yokkaichi city, Mie, Japan] Instagram : Google Map : 【Graffiti on Advantage 】 Gravityfree : 【Track List】 00:00 | intro 00:24 | TROUBLENECK BROTHERS – Back To The Hip-Hop 04:00 | FRESH-WES – Fine Tune Da Mic 06:58 | 03.R
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