Yamaha Stage Custom Hip Kit | Richard Spaven

Yamaha Artist Richard Spaven takes the new Stage Custom Hip Kit for a ’spin’ . In this performance video, Richard highlights the instant inspiration from having a floor tom equipped with 20-strand snares that can be transformed into a deep, 13-inch snare drum with only a single action. Stage Custom Hip: Compact in size, yet big in sound thanks to 100% birch shell. A shallow bass drum measuring 20 x 8 inches supports the bottom-end of the band, the floor tom is also equipped with snares to allow for use in a variety of sounds, in addition to the included 13 x 5 inch snare drum. Some people navigate the world quietly, treading softly wherever they go, leaving an impression that lasts nonetheless. Richard Spaven is such a person, his humble attitude and down-to-earth, warm personality actually draws people to him and when you hear what he has to say musically on the drum set, you know you should be paying close attention. In this current world of cut-throat business, hire and fire m
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