Synthwave MIX - ’VISIONS’

Synthwave MIX - ’VISIONS’ // 4K // Amazing Art ’ZT_OSCAR’ : “Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio“ Tracklist: 1. Data 0:07 2. Galaxy 4:07 3. Symbolic 7:11 4. Ad Infinitum 10:54 5. New Beginnings 14:13 6. Drive 17:22 7. Dissolve 20:55 8. Calypso 24:48 9. Absynth 28:33 10. Legend 32:19 11. Saturna 36:06 12. Vintage 39:50 13. Mantra 43:40 14. Black Cream 46:57 15. Upgrade 51:31 16. Technicolor 55:36 Listen to this mix on Spotify here: Download music in bulk here: Instagram: donate to the channel: Premium music packs here: Music on Spotify: Spotify Cyberpunk Playlist - 100% safe for streams: Cyberpunk stoner/grunge band: Your subscription is the best motivation for me!!! Music taken from the official website: @WhiteBatAudio Thanks to all the authors of the material from which this video is made!!! Extra Tags: 4k video, Dark techno, dark techno music,Phonk music, Phonk mix, Phonk House, drift Phonk, Phonky beat, working Phonk, drifting Phonk, Phonk wave, tik tok Phonk, Phonk tracks, Phonk 2023, new Phonk, techno Phonk, Phonk bass, Chad Phonk, dark Phonk, Phonky music, Memphis rap, Memphis Phonk, hardwave Phonk, hard Phonk, Phonk beats, Phonk track, how to Phonk, slowed Phonk, Phonk rave, Phonk tutorial, Phonk 1 hour, Phonk playlist, Phonk FL studio, Phonk Sahara, Phonk trollge, Phonk trunk, Phonk workout, Phonk metal, dark techno type music, dark techno mix, dark techno type beat, dark techno beat, dark techno instrumental, dark techno background music, EBM, aggressive dark techno, aggressive techno, aggressive techno music, aggressive techno type music, aggressive techno beat, aggressive techno instrumental, aggressive techno mix, aggressive techno playlist, techno music, techno mix, techno beat, techno instrumental, dark cyberpunk, dark cyberpunk music, dark cyberpunk mix, dark cyberpunk type beat, dark cyberpunk beat, cyberpunk music, cyberpunk instrumental, cyberpunk type beat, cyberpunk beat, cyberpunk beats, cyberpunk mix, cyberpunk playlist, techno cyberpunk, dark Industrial, dark Industrial music, dark Industrial type music, dark industrial beat, dark Industrial type beat, dark industrial instrumental, industrial, industrial music, industrial beat, industrial type beat, industrial beats, industrial instrumental, metalstep, dark metalstep, metalstep music, metalstep mix, metalstep playlist, dark music, dark electro music, dark electronic music, dark electro mix, dark electro beat, dark electro, dark background music, dark music mix, dark music playlist, techno cyberpunk, tech noir, techno noir, cyber punk, Darksynth, dark synthwave, Atmospheric Sci-Fi Synthwave, Retrowave, Synthwave, Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Synthwave, 80s Retro Horror Synth, cyber world, phonk, phonk racing, phonk drift, Cinematic Street Workout Hip-Hop, Workout music, Hip-Hop, Workout, Motivation, dark hardwave, hardwave, sport music no copyright, no copyright music sport, royalty free music energetic
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