Uratsakidogi - Old school darkness (official video)

* Directed by Wöldemar U-studia video production: Thanks to Sergey Kukushkin and Kastyan Kastyanych * Video was shot in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Torun, Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Samara, Izhevsk, Kazan, Yaroslavl, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and others * * Black Hop VIII (Old School Darkness) Get it on bitches Ura’s here We don’t give a fuck Here were go EBASH! Old school darkness Black Hop beat Howling wolf packs Evil seed Old school darkness With beasty greed EBASH that booze Smoke that shit One, two, three, four patriarchs Really blackned maniacs Listen our unholy groove Feel the grate tectonic move From the arctic frozen ghetto Through the iced desert get
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