Kyliesheaxo. Funny Ballet

Can't stop watching 😆 So much fun 😂😂😂 P.S. Психанула. #Repost @kyliesheaxo with @repostapp ・・・ #PointeChronicles • Warm Up Pt. 1 😳 When you're trying to do a proper ballet warm up and that song comes on your playlist... I know I'm not the only one... or maybe I am. Ballerinas get down too. Although my slay game is a work in progress 🙈 More to come from this concept, and clearly much room to improve across the board, but again, had the idea yesterday morning, filmed with my tripod and iPhone yesterday afternoon, edited last night, and putting it out into the world today. Follow your creative impulses, as dramatic or ridiculous as they may be. In dance, and in life. It will make you grow, make you stronger, and sometimes make you laugh 😭 Love you all. Keep pushing. Keep dancing. Always 😘 xxxooo 🙆🏽 (PS. The sunlight kept changing while I was filming, hence all the lighting and color changes)
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