DJ Khaled - Wish Wish ft. Cardi B | TWERK by Zames Girls | Alex Sweet Sensi

NEW TWERK CHOREO with my chicks;) ⠀ Choreo by me : @alex_sweet_sensi ⠀ Special ThanX to amazing @iamcardib & @djkhaled for song Wish Wish ✨ ⠀It was amazing energy - when we start to dance , a lot of people came and watched at us and at us asses😂 In Belarus you can’t out in the streets and dance with couple of people, police can came and stop you( I’m was really worried about it😅 And when we dance one more time, I saw one police man, he went in our side, but when he saw us, he turned around and went away very quickly 😂 So that’s why our video ready now and you can enjoy it;)😘 ⠀ Dancers: @alex_sweet_sensi @ @ @ @ @alina__2203 Sofa ⠀ Mua: @dubovikmila ⠀ Cars: @bmw_club_belarus2016 ⠀Vid: @tsarev_yaroslav ⠀#twerkminsk #bmwminsk #cardib #wishwish #cardibtwerk #cardibdance #twerk #worldtwerk #bmw #girlstwerking #minskinsta #minsknews #twerkgirls #dancechoreography
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