AD INFINITUM – Live in Cologne (Full Show) | Napalm Records

AD INFINITUM: “We might not be able to tour at the moment but we can still make you headbang in your living room! Home delivery from Ad Infinitum with love and metal!“ If you wish to donate the price of a concert ticket (of your choice) to support the band you can do so via Paypal () or via the YouTube chat during the premiere. Tracklist: 1) Infected Monarchy 01:43 2) Live Before You Die 06:39 3) Revenge 10:50 4) Marching On Versailles 15:26 5) Maleficent 19:18 6) Tell Me Why (Acoustic) 23:09 7) Fire And Ice 26:57 8) Demon 31:32 9) See You In Hell 35:31 10) I Am The Storm 39:25 Video by Vincent De Fallois Crew: Vincent De Fallois Jean-Philippe Apel Lydia Ramos Anton Dann Esther Conze Johannes Cordes Special thanks to David Alvarado Band: Melissa Bonny: Vocals Adrian Thessenvitz: Guitars Jonas Asplind: Bass Niklas Müller: Drums
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