Spaul - The Cat on the Window ( in The KIFFNESS style ALUGALUG) black and white singin cat

Stream : Follow @Spaul on socials: TikTok : @spaulrecords Instagram: Facebook: Twitter : Follow Spaul on Spotify Spotify Pop Rock: Chill Lofi: Orchestral Metal: Lyric : In the morning light, as the sun begins to rise, A black and white cat sits with longing eyes. On the windowsill, he lets out a gentle mew, he’s waiting for his chance to come inside to you. Hey ! cat on the window, won’t you come on in? With your soft fur , you’re such a lovely thing. Tap and sing on the glass, you’re eager to be near, just a little and you ill be next to me As the day unfolds, and the world comes alive, The cat on the window finds his home, In your loving arms, he finds his sweetest grace, Welcome to your place! Other social links: Original video by @piko298 on Instagram: Cat Solo: Search Words (ignore): The Kiffness, Singing Cat, Talking Cat, Fence Cat, Funny Cat, Dancing Cat, More Cowbell, Will Ferrell, Toto Africa, Toto, Bless the rains, bongos, cowbell, trumpet, beat, MPK, Ableton, Live Looping, Parody, Funny Song, The Kifness, South Africa, Alugalug Cat, Big Billy, Cat Jams, Japanese Cat, Cats of Instagram, Cats of Youtube,funny cat,singing cat,talking cat,the kiffness,alugalug,wawawa,black and white cat singing,mr beast,please go away,hold onto my fur,atilakw,2024 trend,cat,cats,cat singin,pets,cute pets,cute animal,kitty,kittys,guitar,davie 504,fence cat,live looping,vibe cat,pewdie pie,alugaluga cat,lukaluka cat,logologo cat,alooga cat,looga looga cat,lugga lugga cat,luga luga cat,lug ah lug ah,cat beat,eurovision,soulful,relaxing,tik tok cat,tiktok cat
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