Top 20 Mermaid Commercials

Great commercials featuring mermaids. Brands featured: Eclipse Mint, Capital One, Doritos, Coke Zero, Charter spectrum, clorox, la vie, lux super rich hair, redds beer, herbal essence naked, nescafe frappe, oikos, provoke shampoo, sereia pepsi, smart car, sparefoot, sppike seltzer, etna, tata shoe, voodoo creative, lynx dry deodorant, costa cruceros Buy a Swimmable mermaid tail: Book a Mermaid Class: Aquamermaid fabric mermaid tail : Aqua-Glitter tail : Full silicone tail : Connect with Us! We love hearing from our #Aquamermaid ♥ Follow Aquamermaid on INSTAGRAM: ♥ Like Aquamermaid on FACEBOOK:
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