【SLASHSTREET BOYS RUS COVER】I’ll Kill You That Way【Harmony Team】

Please support me! ;w; VK public page:  Thanks to my Patreons & Boosters: 郁, Gaku, Сергей Агафонов, Sea Ocean, Otaku Chan, Виктория, Likoris Spiegelglatt, Sawamuura, Dessa Art, Aelita Sirin! MP3: I did my waiting! Twelve years of it, in Azkaban! (c) It was A VERY LONG-TIME project, but here it is! You can also listen to our russian version of “Slashing Bodies“ here!: Please subscribe and support the original creators! Original music: Slashstreet Boys (The Merkins) - I’ll kill you that way (Backstreet Boys Parody) ( Russian lyrics, subs, tuning/timing & Freddy Krueger cameo: LEN (here!) MIX & Ghostface part: Sata (@SataSaHer ) Jason Voorhees part: Kari (@Kari_channel ) Michael Myers part: KakkoiOto () Leatherface part: Naoru (@iamnaoru) _____________________________ ✦ YOU CAN ALSO SUPPORT ME OR COMMISSION FOR A COVER/TUNING/TIMING! // РЕКВИЗИТЫ ДЛЯ ЖЕЛАЮЩИХ ПОДДЕРЖАТЬ И ЗАКАЗЫ! ♪ - Twitter ♪ Cover, tuning & timing commissions: ♪ - PayPal (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR RUSSIA) ♪ - Patreon page ♪ 410011497095813 - Yandex Money ♪ 4274 3200 6267 8514 - VISA Сбербанк
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