Kenny Mason - Partments (Animated Video)

Kenny Mason - Partments (Audio) Directed by Jetta and Cleo 🐶 - “Partments” Lyrics: [Verse 1] dis lil block inform me of my fate dis lil block gone warn me i ain safe dis lil block get warm enough to bake dat lil pot gone warm us up a plate don’t do nothing for me b**** i’m straight won’t do nothing for me if i wait i can paint a portrait wit dese stains i can make a fortune wit my pain dis partment lil hoarding all dis rage dis lil partment water off today dis lil partment more den what dey say dis lil partment home to my lil gang i think it’s a shortage in dis chord dis s**t feel distorted when i sang dis s**t feel important when i say may not be important s**t, but hey.. bruh jus pulled 40 out in class ain no one gone bully him today i jus pulled up on em wit sum zapp ain no diamonds f****n up dis chain pull up wit a puppy in my lap i look like a puppy
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