Thomas Harrington Rawle & Bjarki - Affirmation Chamber

Care More is artist Thomas Harrington Rawle’s response to the confusion and absurdity of contemporary narratives of self-care in an increasingly cruel and atomised world. Taking place in an intricately rendered, broken universe, in which the Care Corporation have weaponized mindfulness meditation and self-care practice to enslave what’s left of a divided humanity into its infinitely expanding workforce, Care More is a series of works from Rawle that explore different aspects of the corporation’s global takeover. The first, Care More: Episode One, introduced us to his anhedonic post-apocalypse, in which people are fed into content machines and maniacally grinning searchcraft scrape the scorched surfaces of ruined cities in search of more subjects for processing. Last year, in the visual for London producer JQ’s ‘I Heard Your Name In The Noise’, Rawle detailed one of these processes, the medicalised application of empty, nonsensical encouragement and sanitised corporate imagery to induce anesthetizing hypnosis.
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