Batman: Arkham City - Remembrance

THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, WATCH AND READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! After saving Gotham City from its new district, Batman flies around aimlessly. All villains that were thrown into Arkham City have been put in their place, only a few thugs that were left over after Protocol 10 was finally stopped by Batman try to form new gangs inside this failure of a prison, looking for trouble to cause. But then Batman lands in a familiar place. A place he knows from his childhood. And even though Professor Strange and the Joker are gone, they still mock him in his subconscious while he remembers what happened many years ago. This took a while for being finished, because Pgirts (Joker voice from 2:00 to 2:12) had a shitload of school stuff to do and because I had to play through Arkham Asylum and Arkham City just to record all dialogues you hear without any background noises and background music. (That’s why I had to add a gun sound which most Team Fortress 2 players and fans should recognize - please no stupid Spy jokes, they
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