KARL SANDERS - The Sun Has Set on the Age of Man (Official Animated Video) | Napalm Records

New Solo Album, Saurian Apocalypse, on July 22 Pre-Order here: Previous Solo Albums Saurian Meditation (2004) and Saurian Exorcisms (2009) Re-Issued, Available on Vinyl for the First Time! Pre-Order here: KARL SANDERS says about “The Sun Has Set on the Age of Man”: “‘The Sun Has Set on the Age of Man’ is a great choice for people’s first exposure to this album. It’s the opening track of the new Saurian record, very cinematic and an eerie mood setter. Much like the score of an opening scene of a Sci-Fi movie, the song serves as an introduction for the many twisted journeys of the album that follows. It uncannily evokes that feeling we all get right after the sun has gone down and night is upon us, conjuring an awareness of the ancient, evolutionary dread of the unknown dark and its terrors that have been imprinted on the human psyche since early prehistoric man first realized that there were things in th
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