Fastest ASMR | Tailor, Haircut, Drawing You, Face Paint, Allergist, Librarian, Barista, Grocery, Bar

....and Dermatologist :) Watch my other Fastest ASMR here! Oooo baby we’re back for round two!!! Today we have multiple appointments but you don’t have that much time... don’t worry, I have a solution! Timestamps: 0:00 - Tailor 1:19 - Haircut 2:40 - Drawing You 3:46 - Face Painting 4:47 - Allergist 5:55 - Librarian 6:37 - Barista 7:36 - Grocery Store Clerk 8:43 - Bartender 10:25 - Dermatologist My original video was inspired by ASMR Kenshi :) This video is funny bc I saw another ASMRtist had done a Fastest ASMR and they credited me with their idea, but then they added in some fun new RPs so I am going to credit them right back! Ha! Johnn ASMR :) Let’s make this a trend forreal I love watching theseeeeee Goodnight yall! ~Gibi NEW ASMR SHORTS Channel! Subscribe :) My nail polish collab with Loud Lacquer
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