other party hang up the speakerphone

hello, my lovely mothlings! I’m moth monthson and I work for a moth television! I do news reports and ask (annoy) everyone lots of questions! can you sing super bass by nicki miinaj? I have my personal discord server sydes&mothson cafe!: I work for [sky russian community “Heart of Eden“] доступны русские субтитры! have a lovely day! songs used on the background [not in order]: leat’eq - tokyo rick astley - never gonna give you up nicki minaj - super bass the backyardigans - castaways tyler, the creator -wusyaname backstreet boys - i want it that way wii shop channel main theme roblox oof spiderman 2 pizza theme voice credits to: mothson: alfur aldric [hilda] hiro: kokichi ouma [danganronpa] buster: angel dust [hazbin hotel] ryan: shadow [sonic] jane: chiaki nanami [danganronpa] maya: glados [portal] kiera: kyoko kirigiri [danganronpa] sil: l lawliet [death note]
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