Chaser - “The Breaks“ Thousand Islands Records / SBÄM Records / Pee Records - A BlankTV Feature!

Chaser - “The Breaks“ - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net’s largest, uncensored, completely . music video site, ! Free! Uncensored! Triggered! BlankTV! *** Apple Music: Amazon: Spotify: Chaser - “The Breaks“ Thousand Islands Records / SBÄM Records / Pee Records - A BlankTV Feature! Artist City, State, Country: Orange County, California, . Artist Bio: Chaser, the melodic punk band out of Southern California, releases the first single and music video, “The Breaks,” from the highly anticipated album ‘Small Victories’, out June 28. Produced by Cameron Webb (NOFX, Social Distortion, Motorhead, Pennywise), “The Breaks” features an upbeat tempo with catchy melodies that are sure to stick with you. As the chorus reads, “Well, that’s the breaks…we’re all one mistake away,” sometimes life doesn’t go as you had planned. But when you make the best of the hand you’re dealt, it’s never too late to change your fate. Unleash your positive mental attitude with this hopeful punk rock song reminding us to keep going no matter how often we stumble. Director Name: Alex Zarek Director Website: Producer Name: Alex Zarek Artist Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Record Label: Thousand Islands Records / SBÄM Records / Pee Records Label Website: Label Website: Label Website: Video Promotion: Earshot Media Video Promo Website: Song Lyrics: “The Breaks“ Well, I know I’ll get it right But I’ll stumble on the way With a constant fear of what’s beyond the day And I know I can’t get off this ride It doesn’t matter where I land I’ll just do the best I can and I’ll be alright Well, it’s two steps forward, one step back Play the long game stay on track End in the black Well, that’s the breaks like they say We’re all one mistake away From a life that we look so down upon And what’s that you said? I recall, it’s just business after all We can’t go back to the way life was before Well, that’s the breaks And I know I’m losing sight Of what matters in the end With our insecurities we all contend And I want to feel like I’m alive With no worries or regret Not fixated on what hasn’t happened yet Well, I hesitate to crack a smile And let my guard down for a while Fearing the trials And I can’t be the only one who struggles when I see Pictures of our memories and how life used to be When we were free, young, and naïve *** Please support us on Patreon! Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Upvote us on Reddit: Check out the new merch! Thumbs Up, Comment and Subscribe!
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