[Simply K-Pop CON-TOUR] Pink Fantasy - iriwa + Poison _★Simply’s Spotlight★

Pink Fantasy ’iriwa’ Known for their fairy tale visual concepts and unique world, Pink Fantasy returned with their 1st EP album “Alice in Wonderland”. Using the famous story as a motif, “iriwa” is a song about how the White Rabbit used its innocence to bewitch and lure Alice away. Pink Fantasy ’Poison’ The title song “Poison” is about the mocking Alice receives as she suffers and regrets falling for the White Rabbit’s temptation. 핑크판타지 ’이리와’ 동화같은 비주얼 콘셉트와 독특한 세계관으로 주목받는 걸그룹 핑크판타지가 돌아왔다 ’이리와’는 ’이상한 나라의 엘리스’에 등장하는 
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