When Imagination Meets Fluidity😯 Dazzling Abstract Art Ideas For YOU ~ Acrylic Pouring Compilation

►Download Your FREE “7 Steps to Acrylic Pouring Excellence” Guide: (The guide is available in English) ► Discover New Acrylic Porung Online Course by Olga Soby (The course is Available in English with captions in German, French, Spanish, and Italian) ➡️Limited-Time Offer: Use Coupon Code SOBY10 to get $10 OFF! ► Shop Original Art and Giclée Prints by Olga Soby 6 Amazing abstract art ideas in this new creative acrylic pouring compilation! Easy-to-follow, but spectacular pour painting techniques and mixed media art ideas for you to try. Get ready to explore 3D effect with ring, textured art idea, lotus stencil embellishment, technique for planet painting, and other different ways to create a really exquisite and modern acrylic painting. Enhance your abstract art skills with this satisfying and inspiring fluid art video tutorial. I really hope you enjoyed the compilation and now you are all charged with energy and creative art ideas to go and create something amazing! Create with PASSION! ❤️ 🌟 About Olga: Olga Soby is a contemporary artist from Canada with her roots going back to Ukraine. She’s immersed herself in the dynamic world of Fluid Art and Acrylic Pouring media and has mastered the Universal Dance of Color. Through her abstract artwork, she employs the language of Colors and Shapes, their symbolism, and primal meanings to tell a unique story with each painting. This channel is not just a gallery of her work - it’s a platform where she shares the best tools, paint pouring techniques, and knowledge with aspiring artists looking to express their passion and create stunning pieces of Abstract Fluid Painting. Olga Soby Art Shop: Learn with Olga: Chapters: 00:00 Gorgeous Butterfly Chain Pull 2:30 Green Phoenix Painting 5:04 RED Lotus TEXTURED Embellishment 7:29 Mindblowing PLANET Pour Technique 9:54 Minimalistic Flow Painting with New Recipe 12:44 Infinity with Golden Leaf Embellishment #acrylicpouring #abstractpainting #satisfying
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