NEW CHANEL LES BEIGES | Summer 2022 | Review, Tutorial and Comparisons

Hi friends! Chanel Les Beiges 2022 has officially launched online! How exciting is that? This collection is all about a monochromatic bronzed look. It is supposed to emulate a post beach day glow on the French Riviera. Please let me know down below what items you are getting from this release. I was very pleasantly surprised with some of these items. Selfridges Harvey Nichols Chanel Harrods Time stamps: Collection 1:12 Swatches 3:56 - 4:41 Tutorial 7:00 Highlighting Powder Soft Peach demo 16:08 Sun-Kissed Powder Sunbath demo 18:27 Illuminating Dry Oil demo 21:17 Swatch comparisons 24:57 Final thoughts 30:03
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