Taekook Timeline 2018 p. 2 [rus/esp/por/fr/it/de sub]

My Rutube channel - My Telegram - BTS Jeon JungKook & Kim TaeHyung Taekook Taekook Timeline 2018 Original Taekook Timeline- I’m working on this channel all alone so if you are willing to contribute in the production of my content donations will be very helpful as monetization is disabled on this channel. Q: What is the benefit of donations? A: Yours the extra financial support means much more energy for me to create even better videos for you. In addition, I will be sure to mention you in my upcoming videos as great supporters! You can send donations here - But only one thing is certain - all donations are voluntary! Я работаю над этим каналом в одиночку, поэтому если вы хотите внести свой вклад в производство моего контента, пожертвования будут очень кстати, так как монетизация на этом канале отключена.
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