The Stories of Life【細語人生】The Days We Were With Master Li ( Sequel two) 和師父在一起的日子(續集二)

Today, Master Li Hongzhi’s miracles shook many people. In the early stage, Master Li Hongzhi cured many of terminal illnesses and displayed the supernatural power of Dafa. Many patients went to Master Li Hongzhi only after exhausting all other options. And instantly, they were cured. 今天,法輪大法的治病神蹟再一次震驚了世人。在法輪大法洪傳的初期,李洪志師父親手治癒了許多人的絕症,向人們展現了大法的偉大超常,許多患者都是在多年求醫無門的情況下,才找到大法師父的,僅
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