This STEEL fretless bass sounds INSANE

I played a solo on a steel fretless bass!! Download Monster Legends now and claim your reward! My Tapping Course on SBL: My Tapping Book: Merch: My new EP (Spotify): Tabs/Backing Tracks: Subscribe for PRO bass videos every week: IG: @charles_berthoud Original CDs/Downloads: The bass I used in this video is a Le Fay Remingtone Steele! Special thanks to Zachary Brunetti, AhLun, Sugabeat, Colin Heberling, Timothy Gabrielson, Colter Fike, Cpt. Marley, Sid Stenersen, Turpid, DebisU, David Geschke, Dario Cimmino, Edward Quinn, Sebastián Labbé, James Ansell, Rob Nack, Michael Forrester, 949 Designs, slatibartfa
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