THE PRINCESS RECIPE- The most MAGICAL Recipe Video Ever- ft Cara Brotman

(because this video is listed as “made for kids“, Youtube turned off comments to protect minors ) A delicious, magical fruit tart made with avocado, fruit, berries, sesame seeds, maple syrup and some super critters! No dehydrator required if its sunny! Let the sun do the “baking“! Truly a work from the heart, this fantasy epic recipe video was made by raw food chef Cara Brotman and natural healing expert Markus Rothkranz to inspire people of all ages. But look deeper- its much more than a recipe video. It’s an important message to never give up hope- that whenever life gives you challenges, that’s your time to be creative with what you have available- and most of all- to keep your spirits up and send out love to the world. The recipe is so easy and simple and amazing tasting- magical is the only way to describe it. It’s so easy to make, all it requires is a few ingredients and sunlight (or dehydrator)! What’s even more amazing is it’s glut
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