Anna Netrebko - Verdi: ’Ritorna vincitor ... Numi pietà’ from “Aida“

Directed by: Elena Petitti di Roreto Produced by: Rekorder GmbH Executive Producer: Werner Klemm Producer: Marino Coates-Chitty ’Amata dalle tenebre’ is the superstar soprano’s first classical solo album for five years. She recorded her choice of music, spanning some of the most dramatic and impassioned arias in the repertoire, at Milan’s legendary La Scala, with the Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala under La Scala’s Music Director, Riccardo Chailly. Italian filmmaker Elena Petitti di Roreto has immortalised four of Netrebko’s performances in music videos that form part of a captivating avantgarde music film: “Anna – Stage of Emotions”, a radical mix of the sensual essence of opera and a contemporary visual vocabulary. In recent years, the singer has turned, with notable success, to some of opera’s more dramatic roles and she demonstrates her mastery of this repertoire here as well, bringing some wonderfully lush, dark colours to “Ritorna vincitor! … Numi, pietà del mio soffrir!” from Verdi’s „Aida“. Anna Net
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