Need for Speed : Underground 4K | Classic Games with Ray Tracing!

How to make Need for Speed : Underground look like it was made in 2021? Even after nearly two decades, NFS Underground and Underground 2 are both among the best games ever released in the series. Is a remake due? While we wait, let’s see how the original NFS underground looks like in 4K and with Ray Tracing! In this video, I bring you my own 4K “remake” using Ray Tracing filters and mods! Classic Games with RTX is a series where I will be showcasing my personal favorite games that I think deserve remakes using Next-Gen Graphics. Not only will I be exploring the game, but I will be trying to bring the remake we all hope for to life! Garden of Eyes: ► Bloodborne Boss vs Boss Fights Videos: Playlists: ► Classic Games with 4K Ray Tracing: ► Bloodborne Cut / Unused Content: ► Dark Souls 3 Cut / Unused Content: ► Dark Souls 2 Cut / Unused Content: ► Dark Souls 1 Cut / Unused Content: https://bit
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